Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gnome with butterfly stamp

Dutch gnome with butterfly stamp

This fine stamp came from a correspondent in the Netherlands. Is there a story behind this, I wonder, or is it just a cute little gnome sitting on a branch, reaching out to a butterfly? I can't read the words that are on their side by Priority.


  1. that is awesome my dear Have a great day and or evening . take care and thanks for sharing and posting this .

  2. I love your blog and read it everyday, so thanks for that.
    That's a funny looking stamp, even for the Dutch. I saw that OOOOO on the side of an airmail stamp the other day, on someone's online collection, which I have now lost the bookmark to; I was wondering about it as well.
    The quote by Shakespeare the other day is from J. Caesar, I think.
    All the best, Jonathan.
    PS. You should get a crazy snail mail any day now!

  3. Jonathan, thanks for the compliments! Also, thanks for the tip on the Shakespeare quote.
    The text I can read on this stamp is not the OOOOO but it's smaller, in blue-green cursive on the yellow/green background, just before the perforation between the two stamps. It's probably pretty blurred in this photo.

  4. Thesse stamps are Dutch gnomes from Dutch stories.
    The words besides Priority say: Paulus the Boskabouter. He was a famous Gnome during my childhood who had his own tv show. Puppets on a string and very laughable when I see it now but it was awesome in these days being a little kid.
    The other gnomes are:
    Pinkeltje; De Kabouter (by Rien Poortvliet); Wipneus en Pim and Piggelmee .

  5. Nic to the rescue with the explanation of the stamp! Thanks so much! I bet I would have loved to see Paulus the Boskabouter on his tv show. I am fond of puppets and Gnomes both. :-)